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Teenage Angst, Placebo (Placebo lyrics, explanations and press quotes)

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Teenage Angst
Lyrics and explanation

Teenage Angst - Placebo Teenage Angst - Placebo

Lyrics : Placebo
Teenage Angst
Shine the headlight,
Straight into my eyes.
Like the roadkill,
I'm paralysed.
You see through my disguise

At the drive-in,
Double feature,
Pull the lever,
Break the fever
And say your last goodbyes.

Since I was born
I started to decay
Now nothing ever
Ever goes my way

One fluid gesture,
Like stepping back in time
Trapped in amber, petrified
I’m still not satisfied

Airs and social graces,
Elocution so divine
I’ll stick to my needle
And my favourite waste of time
Both spineless and sublime

Since I was born
I started to decay
Now nothing ever
Ever goes my way.

N.B. : There is a live hip-hop version of Teenage Angst, like the one Placebo played at the 2003 Rock Am Ring. According to Brian Molko, this live version is like "Teenage Angst meets Public Enemi".
Press Quotes

"[...]Take a line from the cheerfully corrosive "Teenage Angst": Since I was born, I started to decay..."
"Well, that was something my mother said to me," explains Brian. "She was talking about ageing, wrinkling, skin drying up and stuff. This was when I was about 14. She said that as soon as you pop out of the womb you start to deteriorate. I actually found her words quite disturbing but, y'know, she's a religious kind of person."

Brian Molko, Vox, July 1996

(Translation, quote in French here)

"When I was a teenager, I felt things in more passionate ways, I've gone through rebellion phases. I was feeling depressed, I felt like the world was about to collapse. A sort of alienation towards parents, a rebellion against what they wanted me to become, against growing, going through this kind of changes. My emotions were going in many directions because physically, I was becoming an adult. I was longing for it, but I was still dealt with as a child. Art and creativity were minor things, unknowned in my familly. That's surely for that reason, I reacted so violently. I became the ugly duckling : my father wanted me to become a businessman, and my mother wanted me to be a saint. Finally, I satisfied none of them. At this age, music can represent many things, be the last emergency exit. Play guitar was a sort of outlet to my familly troubles, to authority. My parents didn't contribute at all to what I am today and that's marvellous. I am here today only by myself. I need to have success, very selfishly, to refute all people who thought I would not go far in life, to show it to the people who were better than me at school, my rivals in every way, my parents.

Brian Molko,, August 13th 1996

“Me and my friends always used to talk about Billy Pumpkin being a little too full of angst onstage,” Brian smiles. “Maybe in that way it’s self-deprecating, but the subject matter’s genuine. Its about the intense emotions you feel as a teenager the way you have a tendency to close yourself a bit, create your own little world. You’re an adult trapped in a kid’s body - you want to break out but everyone still treats you as a kid.”

Brian Molko, Melody Maker, September 1996

About 'Since I was born, I started to decay...'

"But it's true. As soon as you pop out of the womb, you start to die. It's the paradox that you begin life but you also begin death."

Brian Molko, Guitarist Magazine, August 1997

(Translation, quote in French

"I've always been a loner. The three of us are like that, we have gone through adolescence locked in our room, playing music. And like many boys this age, I was dreaming to become a star. A city like Luxembourg can be stifling when you try to forge your identity. I couldn't be myself there. I felt secluded there, far from the places where I wanted to be. There was no place where I could have expressed myself, found a feedback. From this isolation, I made songs, Teenage Angst or Burger Queen, because fatally that made me a voyeur. It's not the best place to observe the world.

Brian Molko, Les Inrockuptibles N°169, August 14th 1998

“When we do stuff from the first album, we try to do different versions. We have an interesting hip-hop version of 'Teenage Angst' at the moment. I am having a lot of fun with it, it gives me a chance to do my Bono bit with a wireless microphone. I am doing that more and more.”

Brian Molko, The Sentimentalist - Issue XII, 2003

REAX:  But musically speaking, songs like “Infra-Red” and “Because I Want You” are among the most upbeat you’ve ever done.

BM: Yeah, but we’ve always kind of done that, like “Teenage Angst” from the first record, which was musically quite cheerful and lyrically quite the opposite.  We’ve always enjoyed playing with that dichotomy, confusing emotions.  Maybe we naturally veer toward that because that’s how life feels… to me, anyway.

Brian Molko, Reax Magazine, July 2007


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