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36 Degrees, Placebo (Placebo lyrics, explanations and press quotes)

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36 Degrees
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36 Degrees - Placebo 

Lyrics : Placebo

36 Degrees

We were tight
But it falls apart
As silver turns to blue
Waxing with the candlelight
And burning just for you
Allocate your sentiment
And stick it in a box
I've never been an extrovert
But I'm still breathing

Someone tried to do me ache
Someone tried to do me ache
Someone tried to do me ache
(It's what I'm afraid of)
Someone tried to do me ache
(It's what I'm afraid of)

With hindsight
I was more than blind
Lost without a clue
Thought I was getting carat gold
And what I got was you
Stuck inside the circumstances
Lonely at the top
I've always been an introvert
Happily bleeding

Someone tried to do me ache
Someone tried to do me ache
Someone tried to do me ache
(It's what I'm afraid of)
Someone tried to do me ache
(It's what I'm afraid of)

4 7 2 3 9 8 5
I gotta breathe to stay alive
And 1 4 2 9 7 8
Feels like I'm gonna suffocate
Fourteen, sixteen, twenty-two
This skin that turns to blister blue
Shoulders toes and knees
I'm 36 degrees
Press Quotes

"36 degrees is close to body temperature," starts Brian. "The person concerned is a little cold bloodied. If someone gets too close, they have to push the person away. This is what the song means to me, but now it's public property, and people can interpret it in their own way."

Brian Molko, Independent, The (London), May 31th 1996

"It's called that because 36 degrees is close to body temperature," explains Brian. "I guess it's all body metaphors. The sleeve has an arm and a leg wrapped in clingfilm, like they're being preserved. And you can put something in clingfilm and stick it in the refrigerator, or stick it in a microwave and warm it up or cool it down."

Brian Molko, Air & Style, 1998

"About the number (1 7 2 3 9 8 5 I've got to breath to stay alive and 1 4 2 9 7 8 it feels like i'm gonna suffocate 40 50 22 ... etc) ?
It is the phone number of our favorite Indian restaurant. It's in London, in the east part"

Brian Molko, Stefan Olsdal, Chat M6, September 17th 2003

(Ndlt : the boys seemed to be in a strange mood for this chat, so...)

(Translation, quote in French


Brian : It was 36 degrees, the first time I heard us on the radio. It was probably in a taxi...
Stefan : For me
it was Bruise Pristine, the DJ played it at the wrong speed. He thought the voice was too high for a guy so he played it from 45s to 33s. It was our first time on the radio.
Brian : I don't remember that.

Brian Molko, Stefan Olsdal, M6 Music, March 2004

Fender: "What were the first songs you ever remember writing?"

Stefan: "The first song I wrote was called “F--- Off And Die.” It was rubbish."
Brian: "The first real ones I guess were “36 Degrees” and “
Nancy Boy”.

Brian Molko, Stefan Olsdal, A Pint & A Chat Fender®, December 2006

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