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Hang on To Your IQ, Placebo (Placebo lyrics, explanations and press quotes)

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Hang On To Your IQ
Lyrics and explanation


Lyrics : Placebo
Hang On To Your IQ
Chinese masseuse,
Comes between us
Talks in haikus, plastic Venus
Got a headrush, in her pocket
Two rubbers two lubes,
And a silver rocket

Hang on, hang on
To your IQ, to your ID
Hang on, hang on
To your IQ, to your ID

I'm lonely... (x4)

Every morning,
My eyes will open wide
I gotta get high,
Before I go outside
Roll another,
For breakfast
Burning clouds around,
And in my solar plexus

Hang on, hang on
To your IQ, to your ID
Hang on, hang on
To your IQ, to your ID

I'm lonely... (x4)

Legs eleven,
Makes me stay up late
Two fat ladies on my back,
And now it's 88
I'm a fool, whose tool is small
It's so minuscule, it's no tool at all

Hang on, hang on
To your IQ, to your ID
Hang on, hang on
To your IQ, to your ID

I'm lonely... (x4)

Press Quotes
"Elsewhere, on the deceptively sublime 'Hang On To Your IQ', Molko sings: "I'm a fool whose tool is small / it's so minuscule it's no tool at all", which is a candid confession for any man, nevermind a blossoming rock star. "Well," he explains, "my lyrics reveal the truth about how I feel, and experiences I've had. I don't see why I should be shy and coy and hide behind macho rock posturing. That's not what I'm about."

Brian Molko, What's on, February 1997

"You seem to enjoy protecting a somewhat libertine public image. Are you an insatiable priapic slut in real life?

BM : "Priapic slut? Oh wow ! I don't know. Well, if you listen to `Hang on to your IQ', there's a very anti-priapic line in there : `I'm a fool who's tool is small, it's so minuscule it's no tool at all'. "But, I'm not actually describing my own anatony, that's just the state of the character in that song. He's at a point of such low self-esteem that that's the most self-deprecating thing that he can say about himself at that point. `Not only am I an idiot, but I've got a small dick, and I just feel so disgusted with myself.' which I guess, I have certainly felt at certain points in my life... I know that I have a reputation."

Brian Molko, Vox, February 1997

"Well how about the convoluted imagery on their LP track 'Hang On To Your IQ'? To wit: “Chinese masseuse comes between us/ Talks in haikus, plastic Venus/ Got a head rush in her pocket/ Two rubbers, two lubes and a silver rocket”.

You what?

Brian seems genuinely shocked that NME's puny brain has failed to grasp the full meaning of his words.

“Well, it all makes perfect sense to me!” he says haughtily. “That's the most story-like song on the album. The person in 'Hang On To Your IQ' is so self-conscious they can't operate properly sexually, which we all go through at certain times in our lives.”

Speak for yourself, sunshine.

Brian Molko, NME, 1996

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