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P: You’re listening to Triple J, we’re with Brian Molko from Placebo... Now, I want to talk to you about your covers, if I could, because they’re… we’ve been playing a couple of them on the station recently because you’ve put out the album that you’ve done that had a few of the covers that you’ve done over the years, and stuff like that. When you’re choosing a cover, do you go songs that you think you could make a bit different, do you go for bands that you really like, songs that you really like? Is there some sort of process when you think about that?

Brian: Well there’s usually, you’ve usually decided in the back of your mind… You know, “One day we’re gonna cover this”, you know, for example one day we will end up covering “Total eclipse of the heart” by Bonnie Tyler, you know, that’s like an example of a total challenge, you know. Erm, so if usually you have a few ideas and they’re always there and by the time you get into the studio to do a b-side session, or you get asked to do a cover for a film or something, and then you go “well ok, let’s try that one… or let’s try that one” you know. Covers are done for fun, and so if you start working on them and they don’t work, you just kind of give it up… you know. Some you stay quite faithful to the original blueprint, ‘cos that’s like the only way that you can do it…
Brian Molko, Triple J, March 19th 2004



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