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Taste In Men, Black Market Music, (Placebo lyrics, explanations and press quotes)

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Taste In Men
(Black Market Music)
Lyrics and explanation

Taste In Men - Placebo Taste In Men 2 - Placebo

Lyrics : Placebo
Taste In Men
Come back to me a while
Change your style again
Come back to me a while
Change your taste in men
It's been this way since Christmas Day
Dazzled, doused in gin
I'm killing time on Valentine's
Waiting for the day to end
Change your taste in men
Press Quotes

(Translation, quote in French here)

During that same concert, during Taste In Men we could see a film showing a young fatty boy running naked. Where has this idea come from ?

SH: It's a Belgian friend of us called Olivier. It was decided to incorporate it in the visual that accompanies the show, like an extension of our video clips. This is another way for us to express what goes through our songs. And I think it works, specially on Taste In Men. And we also like to wonder what the fans will be able to think when they saw it: Who is this guy? Why is he running like that? What does he fear? We love to watch these small films in the tour bus, we have fun with these videos."

Steve Hewitt, Rock Mag n°4, February 2001

"It's a simple song that's applicable to any sexuality. And it's a simple 'You dumped me come back to me' song. The person who lives in that song is staring into a mirror and going, Why? What's wrong with me? Why has this person left me? I'll do anything to get them back, which is a really bad head space to be in. And that needed to be reflected in the sonics of the song, so we tried to make it as hard as the Broken EP by Nine Inch Nails, blisteringly nasty. The lyrics are quite simple and repetitive. And it's interesting to write the songs from all sexualities standpoints, being the kind of person that dips his toe in both pools."

Brian Molko, LA Weekly, May 2001

"I guess it's quite a sonically complicated song, but lyrically it's very simple-being the classic old story of love lost. The person in the song is suffering from this obsessional pining and feeling of torment that follows you from the moment you wake up to the very moment you go to sleep. It's ever present, it's right in your face and affects your ability to function or do anything properly. It's a kind of pain that absorbs every aspect of your personality and every molecule in your body and the person is so desperate that they are willing to do anything possible, or change themselves in any way to win this person back, which is obviously a very unhealthy state of mind and being, emotionally. Sonically I think the sound reflects the pain."

Brian Molko, Unknown magazine, 2000

VOX: Obviously, "Taste In Men" can have many connotations…

Brian Molko: That’s what I find strange. People say that a great deal. But it’s a fallacy really. It can be applicable to anybody and it’s a very universal song. It’s just ‘You dumped me, come back.' That’s all it is. It doesn’t matter who you are. It’s happened to all of us.

Brian Molko,, 2000

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