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Special K, Black Market Music, (Placebo lyrics, explanations and press quotes)

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Special K
(Black Market Music)
Lyrics and explanation

Special K - Placebo

Lyrics : Placebo

Special K
Coming up beyond belief
On this coronary thief
More than just a leitmotif
More chaotic, no relief
I'll describe the way I feel
Weeping wounds
That never heal
Can this savior be for real
Or are you just my seventh seal?

No hesitation, no delay
You come on just like special K
Just like I swallowed half my stash
I never ever want to crash
No hesitation, no delay
You come on just like special K
Now you're back with dope demand
I'm on sinking sand

No escaping gravity
No escaping...
Not for free
I fall down
Hit the ground
Make a heavy sound
Every time you seem to come around

I'll describe the way I feel
You're my new Achille's heel
Can this savior be for real
Or are you just my seventh seal ?
Press Quotes

(Translation, quote in French here)

"Matthieu Culleron :
Let's talk about Special K. To begin, lot of people don't know what it is exactly.

Brian Molko :
Well, it is Special K, the name for a street drug, the ketamine. I took it once 10 years ago and they gave it in the 1950's to the astronauts to create the sensation of anti-gravity, and it really feels like that.

Matthieu Culleron :
Now it is an anesthetic for elephant, honestly...

Brian Molko :
Yeah.(laughs). And I don't recommend it. It's really... once was enough. But the song is also a theme that runs on a few songs on the album which compares the drugs to love. And on Special K it compares the rise... the rise on a illegal substance and the feeling that we feel when we fall...when we find love at the first sight. They are quite similar. But the moral of the story is that everything that goes up must come down.

Matthieu Culleron :
The come down is sometimes hard.

Brian Molko :
Absolutly, yeah, really hard."

Brian Molko, interview radio Le Mouv', October 10th 2000

"When I first wrote down the tracklisting of the album, I wrote underneath each track a second title. They didn't make their way on to the album, but they were a summing up in one phrase of what those songs represent to me. And the one I wrote for "Narcoleptic" was "Love And Drugs Are One Big Pillow". Again, like "Special K", it explores the link between drugs and love. "Special K" is uppers and the rush of falling in love. "Narcoleptic" is more like downers and more like relationships, relationships that reach that point of familiarity breeding contempt."

Brian Molko, Melody Maker, October 20th 2000

(Translation, quote in French here)

Well, Special K is a form of exploration. In fact, we compare the result of falling in love with the taking of drugs. In both cases, there is a great rise and after a horrible come down. There is nothing we can do, that's the way it is!"

Brian Molko, XL Magazine : November 2000

(Translation, quote in French

Brian molko : I think people know that the song "Special K" refers to the name given to ketamine in the streets. It has nothing to do with the Corn Flakes! In fact some fans waved boxes of Special K cereal at recent concerts. It was pretty funny. And in our recording studio, we had a mascot: a box of Special K. I let it there one morning, on a desktop. And it stayed until the end of the recording.

Steve Hewitt :
Thanks to Special K, youth keeps its figure!


Brian Molko, Steve Hewitt, TV interview NRJ Live, 2000

" "Tell me about the song 'Special K'. I take it it's not a drug anthem endorsing its use because it's such a disgusting drug."
Molko: "No it's not. It's about suicide rates going up on public holidays: Valentine's Day, Christmas Day, New Year's Eve. All the lonely people get extremely depressed. It can be quite a dark period if you find yourself alone. Especially with birthdays for me, it always reminds me of all the things that were crap about my childhood, so I don't like them. It's that kind of vibe in the song. It's a song about desperation. It's making the link between special days being spent with people that you love and if they're not there, or if you don't have anybody, it's kind of a dark time."

Brian Molko,, May 2001

(Translation, quote in French

And the 80' sides of some songs, Slave to the Wage, Special K, it's also a one shot?

Brian Molko : Special K it's "punk" Blondie! It's Blondie with over saturation. We are huge Blondie fans.

Brian Molko, Interview shamrock, 2000

"Special K revisits a theme explored before. It's a simple song that compares the rush of falling in love at first sight with the rush of coming up on drugs, basically. So it uses the metaphore of drugs to describe falling head over heels in love with somebody. But like with drugs what goes up has to come down and that's the moral of the story."

Brian Molko, Unknown magazine, 2000

VOX: How about "Special K" - there's the obvious drug allusion…it's the hot new news item.

Brian Molko: It’s been around for awhile and I wouldn’t recommend that to anyone. But it’s not about that. It’s comparing the rush with falling head over heels in love or being infatuated with someone and coming upon controlled substances of any kind. The moral of the story is what comes up must come down.

Brian Molko,, 2000

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