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Peeping Tom, Black Market Music, (Placebo lyrics, explanations and press quotes)

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Peeping Tom
(Black Market Music)
Lyrics and explanation

Black Market Music - Placebo

Lyrics : Placebo
Peeping Tom
I'm careful not to fall
I have to climb your wall
'Cause you're the one
Who makes me feel
Much taller than you are
I'm just a peeping tom
On my own for far too long
Problems with the booze
Nothing left to lose

The face that fills the hole
That stole my broken soul
The one that makes me seem to feel
Much taller than you are
I'm just a peeping tom
On my own for far too long
Troubles with the gear
Nothing left to fear

With every bet I lost
And every trick I tossed
You're still the one who makes me feel
Much taller than you are
I'm just a peeping tom
On my own for far too long
Problems with the booze
Nothing left to lose

I'm weightless
I'm bare
I'm faithless
I'm scared
Press Quotes

"'Peeping Tom' is interesting. That's about voyeurism. Again, I try to place the listener inside the emotions of the voyeur himself and try to portray this character in a sympathetic manner. To show the love that he has for the person he spies on. The fact that this person is the only ray of light that exists in the voyeur's life. 'Peeping Tom' is like 'Burger Queen' pushed one step further. And it's quite beautiful and it's packed full of pathos and it's quite touching. It's trying to show the sympathetic side of the pervert. Because I don't believe everything is black and white when it comes to human emotion."

Brian Molko, Melody Maker, October 20th 2000

(Translation, quote in French here)

"My lyrics are less and less autobiographical, they are more stories inspired by reality as excerpts from my diary. I identify more and more with the characters of these stories. I try to make this personages as real as possible, which can make them even more irresistible to the listener. Today, I am more interested in those descriptions of strange beings endowed with intense emotions. For example, Peeping Tom deals with voyeurism, but I tried to share this view by placing the listener in the shoes of the main character, just to better express the love he feels for the person he observes. This song is a bit like '
Burger Queen' thrust one degree above."

Brian Molko, Rock Mag n°5 : March 2001

'It's about voyeurism. It's about being a Peeping Tom. I try in the song to place you inside the head and make you feel the emotions of this voyeur and try to make you feel sympathetic because the only ray of light in this person's life is spying on this one particular person. The song is full of Pathos and extremly sad- it's like Burger Queen but taken a few steps further."

Brian Molko, Unknown magazine, 2000

(Translation, quote in French here)

Bernard Lenoir : Mm mm. So the album doesn't end with this terrible phrase "I'm scared" because for me the last track is
Peeping Tom and you end up saying this.

Brian : "I'm scared". But I'm often "scared".

Bernard Lenoir : Yes, yes but we suspect that. But really, it gained in a terrible importance to finish the album by this sentence. Anyway, if there are others further it put us at rest.

Brian : Yeah, but the hidden song is not so smiling either. (Laughs) "

Brian Molko, interview radio France Inter C'est Lenoir, September 5th 2000

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