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Commercial For Levi, Black Market Music, (Placebo lyrics, explanations and press quotes)

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Commercial For Levi
(Black Market Music)
Lyrics and explanations

Black Market Music - Placebo

Lyrics : Placebo

Commercial For Levi

You're the one who's always
Choking Trojan
You're the one who's always
Bruised and broken
Sleep may be the enemy
But so's another line
It's a remedy
You should take more time

You're the one
Who's always choking Trojan
You're the one who's
Shower's always golden
Spunk and bestiality
Well, it's an Assisi lie
It's ahead of me
You should close your fly

I understand the fascination
The dream that comes alive at night
But if you don't change your situation
Then you'll die
Don't die
Please don't die

You're the one
Who's always choking trojan
You're the one
Who's always bruised and broken
Drunk on immortality
Valium and cherry wine
Coke and ecstasy
You're gonna blow your mind

I understand the fascination
I've even been there once or twice
Or more
But if you don't change your situation
Then you'll die
Don't die
Please don't die
Press Quotes

"That song's directed towards nobody but me, because of that time in my life where I made some extremely bad lifestyle choices. And there were a couple of people - Steve is one of them - who had to grab me by the scruff of the neck and go 'Look, mate - you're fucking with some really dodgy shit here. I cannot let you fuck up anymore.' So the song is about friendship. It's neither pro-drugs nor anti-drugs - it's pre-moderation."

And casual sex with your own Doppelganger groupies?

"Honestly, it loses its novelty really fast," shrugs Molko, while both Hewitt and Olsdal (who's been sitting silently at the table for most of the interview) furiously nod their heads in agreement. "Been there, done that, don't ever wanna do it again. I have too much respect for myself now."

Brian Molko, Pulse April 2000

"BM : That's a song about grabbing your mate by the scruff of the neck and telling him that he's walking down a rocky road to ruin. It's basically, "You're my mate and I love you, but if you don't watch out you're going to fuck up pretty bad." It's autobiographical in the sense that there have been certain points in my life where the band or other friends have had to do that to me. Which was very beneficial. I love that song because musically it's like a really sweet lullaby and lyrically it's quite a filthy number. It puts a smile on your face.

What point were you at when someone said that to you?
BM : Times on the second album. It was a place when I was emotionally... personally I had quite a lot of... sometimes you search for solace in the wrong places. It was a schizophrenic time and a time of identity crisis for me. That was a tough one. But I feel better now, thank you.

What was your crisis?
BM : Like, just not recognizing yourself in interviews. The extreme side of your personality which I chose to sort of display was snowballing and getting a life of its own. It was like looking in a mirror and not recognizing myself, looking in magazines and not recognizing myself.

You say you were looking for solace in the wrong places, but isn’t there a reference in that song to bestiality ?

BM : [Pause] Hahahahahahahaha! Yeah, sure, certainly there is. Yeah, yeah. That's just, that's a bit of artistic licence, you know? Hahahahahahaha! It's just a... yeah, yeah, how filthy can you get? Hahahahahahahaha! But for the record, I've never indulged in it myself. I've seen a couple of movies.

You’re playing up to your image, then ?

BM : Yeah, there's definitely a certain amount of irony in "Commercial for Levi", especially if it's directed towards me. I'm smiling wryly at people's opinions of me and what they imagine my lifestyle is like or what I must get up to. "


"BM : Levi's our sound man. There was this one time in Milan when I got a bit too drunk at dinner and left the restaurant which was right opposite the venue and there were some fans waiting outside, and I climbed on top of this Fiat Uno, and started screaming "Nancy Boy", doing a performance for the fans. And Levi dragged me off the Fiat Uno, as the owner was approaching and waving the keys. I thought I was going to cross this road in between the two parked tour buses and took off, and Levi just grabbed me as a car zoomed by. So it's quite possible that he did save my life. If I was a Samurai, I would have to follow him around for the rest of my life and take care of him until I saved his life. But my little payback for that is to put his name in a song. "

Brian Molko, Melody Maker, October 20th 2000

(Translation, quote in French

"But Commercial for Levi is headed toward me. There was times in my life when I made fairly bad lifestyle choices, and there were close friends who told me "listen, listen, you're my buddy, I love you and if you keep doing what you are doing there, you will not be on this Earth for much longer. And then euhm...I think it's very important to have friends like that, especially when you become a public figure, it is very important to keep friends who were your friends before you became this, this THING, euhm... this thing that can be purchased. (laughs)

Marie Colmant : And this song can it be understand as if you are speaking to the people who listen to you and who would also possibly be listening friends ?

Brian Molko : Mmmm. Exactly. It says, take care of yourself. That's the trick. Commercial for Levi is not an anti-drug song, it is not a pro-drug song either. I would say it is a song pro-moderation.

Gérard Lefort : There is a French poet who said: "The ideal is to produce or reproduce the effects of the drug but not taking drugs"?

Brian Molko : That would be nice, but I think the thing for me wich is more like a drug is to be on stage. Really. Sometimes it is better than sex.

Gérard Lefort : (Laughter). Why do you call it Commercial for Levi? Who is Levi?

Brian Molko : Levi is our sound engineer.

Gérard Lefort : Really. It has nothing to do with advertising for the famous brand of blue jeans..

Brian Molko : No no no. It's a little wordplay.

Gérard Lefort : So it's a little publicity for someone you know?

Brian Molko : Yeah for a friend."

Brian Molko, Interview Radio France Inter - AToute Allure, February 22th 2001

"It's about grabbing a friend by the scruff of his neck and shaking him and going "Look man, if you don't watch yourself your gonna fuck up really badly , really soon." I've been in that position where people have cared enough to do that for me. Levi our sound guy and he saved my life one time so i thought I would put his name in a song."

Brian Molko, Unknown magazine, 2000

VOX: Let's talk about the songs. Tell me about "Commercial For Levi."

Brian Molko: It’s about friendship and bad lifestyle choices. When you make bad lifestyle choices it’s very important to have friends who grab you by the scruff of the neck and say "I love you, but you’re not going to be around much longer if you continue the way you are going.

VOX: It's a true story?

Brian Molko: Most of them are.

Brian Molko,, 2000

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