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Sleeping Whith Ghosts/Soulmates, Sleeping With Ghosts, (Placebo lyrics, explanations and press quotes)

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Sleeping Whith Ghosts/Soulmates
(Sleeping With Ghosts)
Lyrics and explanation

Bulletproof Cupid - Placebo

Lyrics : Placebo
Sleeping Whith Ghosts/Soulmates
The sea's evaporating
Though it comes as no suprise
These clouds we're seeing
They're explosions in the sky
It seems it's written
But we can't read between the lines
Hush, it's ok
Dry your eye

Dry your eye
Soulmate dry your eye
'Cause soulmates never die

This one world vision
Turns us into compromise
What good's religion
When it's each other we despise?
Damn the government
Damn their killing
Damn their lies
Hush, it's ok
Dry your eyes

Soulmate dry your eyes
'Cause soulmates never die
Press Quotes

(Translation, quote in French here)

"I wanted to explore the relationship between the present and memory. All of us sleep with ghosts from the past, we carry them with us and they have a permanent effect on our daily lives. These ghosts embody all the people we loved, who have been important in our lives, who have changed us. While a lot of people spend their lives in therapy to manage them, I have the chance to carry them through music."

Brian Molko, Les Inrockuptibles N°382 : Mach-April 2003

Brian: Inspired by a crazy American psychologist who believes in the cliché of eternal love. He thought two of his patients were soulmates who’d been reincarnated through many previous lives.

Brian Molko, interview, Rock Sound, April 2003

(Translation, quote in French

On the track "Sleeping with Ghosts" you strike out openly at the government. You are British, Stefan Swedish and Brian American, how do you position yourself regarding to what happened this year in terms of politics?

SH : "We are against war. Politics is something very important for us. We are all affected by what happens, people in Britain are aware of what is happening. They are interested in all this because the behaviour of England and the United States was simply outrageous. Do they really think that people are this stupid? Yes, apparently!

As a public figure, do you feel a certain responsibility?
SH : "Of course, I'm getting old, I became a father. And as you get older, if you are a bit intelligent, you stop a moment and you sit down to think. I am 32 years old now and I can't let myself think that everything that happens has nothing to do with me, because in fact, it has everything to do with me. I think there is a change taking place in me currently. This should come as a result of having children. Now, I am also concerned for the future of someone else. "

Steve Hewitt, Murmures 02, October 25th 2003

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