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The Bitter End, Sleeping With Ghosts, (Placebo lyrics, explanations and press quotes)

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The Bitter End
(Sleeping With Ghosts)
Lyrics and explanation

The Bitter End - Placebo The Bitter End - Placebo The Bitter End - Placebo

Lyrics : Placebo
The Bitter End
Since we're feeling so anaesthetized
In our comfort zone
Reminds me of the second time
That I followed you home
We're running out of alibis
On the second of May
Reminds me of the summer time
On this winters day

See you at the bitter end

Every step we take that's synchronised
Every broken bone
Reminds me of the second time
That I followed you home
You shower me with lullabies
As you're walking away
Reminds me that
It's killing time
On this fateful day

See you at the bitter end
Press Quotes
Brian : "It was written and recorded very quickly. As we had spent a lot of time playing with the technology and synths, we wanted to do something lively, exuberant, punk. The idea had started from two guitar chords found by Stefan and bang! Two days later, it was finished."

Brian Molko, Les Inrockuptibles N°382 : Mach-April 2003

Brian : The back-to-basics rock song, written in two days. Two people trying to come out of a relationship with the least scars. Very fuck you.

Brian Molko, interview, Rock Sound, Avril 2003

Brian : "[...]The backing vocal that comes in at the very, very end which starts out with a line that says "every time we're intersected/it feels love like suicide" and then the last line is "to miss your eyes and lips" and in between I don't know what I am saying. [laughs all around] Live, it changes every night and I like that aspect. For me it is a kick back to The Pixies. I remember reading how Frank Black just considered this lyrics and singing just another instrument. He wasn't really concerned with the significance of what he was saying."

Brian Molko, The Sentimentalist - Issue XII, 2003

(Translation, quote in French here)

Brian :"The Bitter End was written and recorded in two days, when we were finishing the album. The Bitter End is about couples who are breaking up, the anger that take hold of them at this time, the desire that arises from this injury."

Brian Molko, M6 Music, March 2004

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