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Bulletproof Cupid, Sleeping With Ghosts, (Placebo lyrics and press quotes)

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Bulletproof Cupid
(Sleeping With Ghosts)

Bulletproof Cupid - Placebo

Bulletproof Cupid

Press Quotes

(Translation, quote in French here) 

"Why did you choose to open this album with an instrumental track? Is it to initiate a transition from your previous records and "Sleeping With Ghost"?

BM: No. It's a musical slap. I want to wake up the audience. I tried to write lyrics on this track, but I couldn't. It didn't come out, it didn't sound natural. So it was easier to keep this track as an instrumental. Then the difficulty has been to choose where to integrate this track. It could only work at the beginning. If we had put it elsewhere, it would have interrupted the album flow. But what I find interresting as an auditor is that on the one hand you take a slap and in addition, you wait for the lyrics all along the track. But they don't come. It's a matter of intrigue. You are disoriented and you know that you will have to listen to at least five or six songs to understand the record. This concept is interesting."

Brian Molko, Guitar Part : April 2003

(Translation, quote in French

"During Sleeping With Ghosts' recording, we listened to Songs For The Deaf by Queens Of The Stone Age over and over… It has much run into  Bulletproof Cupid. We had never composed instrumental before, but then I didn't manage to stick words on this track: it was sufficient unto itself because it was very powerful. It acts as a premeditated lure: when you listen to the first notes, you expect the voice and it never comes. At the end, it becomes a little confusing and you have no idea what may reserve the rest of the album."

Brian Molko, Les Inrockuptibles N°382 : March-April 2003

Steve: The closest thing to metal we’ve ever done!

Brian: A reaction to what Jim had done to our songs – we needed to reassert our identity but all the lyrics I tried to write sounded like Napalm Death. Also a hint to what the live shows will be like.

Steve Hewitt, Brian Molko, interview, Rock Sound, April 2003

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