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Plasticine, Sleeping With Ghosts, (Placebo lyrics, explanations and press quotes)

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Bulletproof Cupid - Placebo

Lyrics : Placebo
Beauty lies inside the eye
Of another youthful dream
That doesn't sell its soul
For self-esteem
That's not plasticine

Beauty lies inside desire
And every wayward heart redeemed
That doesn't sell its soul
For self-esteem
That's not plasticine

Don't forget to be the way you are

The only thing you can rely on
Is that you can't rely on anything
Don't go and sell your soul
For self-esteem
Don't be plasticine

Don't forget to be the way you are
Press Quotes
(Translation, quote in French here)

"In Plasticine I insist on the fact that you must be yourself first of all while asking me all these questions. Why should we do a lot of forbidden, bad or harmful things?"

Brian Molko, Rock & Folk n°428, April 2003

(Translation, quote in French here)

"Magazines compel us to look like Kate Moss, but I think it's not because people are plastically perfect or à la mode that they are safe. Despite the fact I wear make-up and seem to be self-confident it has not prevented me from having problems with drugs or alcohol… Plasticine is probably the most representative song of our collaboration with the producer Jim Abbiss (UNKLE, DJ Shadow, Björk). He asked us to do five versions of it in the studio and it was only at the fifth he concluded: "Come on, guys, that's OK, we do as you want, we take the first one." It's been very difficult to work with him because he is very demanding. We recorded the album in four months, in London, in a very spontaneous way. We gained a lot with working with Jim, in the sense that he would never let us make easy things and constantly incited us to the difficulty. I think he really balanced us and that, thanks to him, we ourselves were surprised by the result. We thought Sleeping With Ghosts would be more electronic and in fact, no. It's funny to be Kraftwerk for the weekend but no more. I am very proud that finally this record is rock…

Brian Molko, Les Inrockuptibles N°382 : March-April 2003

Brian: The one song that doesn’t fit into the relationships theme. A classic Placebo song with a classic Placebo theme – individuality.

Brian Molko, interview, Rock Sound, April 2003

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