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Meds, Meds (Placebo, lyrics and Press Quotes)

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Meds single - Placebo Meds single - Placebo Meds single - Placebo

Lyrics : Placebo
I was alone, falling free,
Trying my best not to forget,
What happened to us, what happened to me,
What happened as I let it slip,
I was confused by the powers that be,
Forgetting names and faces,
Passers by were looking at me,
As if they could erase it.

Baby, did you forget to take your Meds,

I was alone, staring over the ledge,
Trying my best not to forget,
All manner of joy, all manner of glee,
And our one heroic pledge,
How it mattered to us,
How would it mattered to me,
And the consequences,
I was confused by the birds and the bees
Forgetting if I meant it.

Baby, did you forget to take your Meds,

And the sex, the drugs, and the complications

Baby, did you forget to take your Meds,

I was alone, falling free,
Trying my best not to forget
Press Quotes
"You once covered "Je t'aime... moi non plus" with Asia Argento in the part of Serge Gainsbourg, and yourself in the part of Jane Birking. The title track of "Meds" is a duet with Alison Mosshart aka VV of The Kills. Alison and Asia are 2 skinny, pale, androginous, black-haired girls. They could be your sisters. (laughs)

BM : Well, I've always thought that love is quite a narcissistic thing. You like to see yourself reflected in your lover. Not that I was ever involved with those two, but I do think they're very beautiful women. And a duet always sounds better with someone you have the hots for."

Brian Molko, Humo, mars 2006

(Translation, quote in French here)

"BM : the original version of Meds was very unlike the one we've recorded. I wrote it during my stay in India, like Song To Say Goodbye. Meds is about loosing yourself, not recognizing yourself. You feel lost, desperate, and you don't know what you think anymore, what you really feel. It's a very disturbing feeling, for me and for everyone, and I wanted to express it. I'm glad it's the opening song of the album, it's the 1st time a Placebo record opens with an acoustic chord."

Rock Mag : A chord that sounds like
Every You Every Me besides...

BM : There is a connection, yes. Stefan wrote Every You Every Me and I wrote Meds. This guy inspires me!

Rock Mag : VV from the Kills features on this track. How did that come about?

BM :  I've known Jamie [Hotel] for 16 years. When we wrote Meds, we thought that a feminine voice would be a good idea. It was then that Dimitri suggested Alison. Her voice is a real turn-on, like Viagra. She's from another world. When we were sitting down in the studio to hear her do the vocals, all the guys got hard-ons. The Kills are an incredible band. We've even seen Jamie in a lot of bands, and we even played with some of them,­ but The Kills!...­ They're a musical triumph. One of the best modern rock bands.

Brian Molko, Rock Mag, April 2006

Radio interview XFM


“It’s a statement of fact and what being alive today is all about.”

Brian Molko, XFM, March 2006

MS : The first song on the album, "Meds", does seem more immediate. It's Placebo, but less full. On the other hand, it still rocks.

SH : Exactly, there was less layering involved and less studio trickery. Yet, I think it rocks more than some of our other songs.

MS : One of the guests you have on the album is Alison Mosshart of The Kills. Why did you go with her?

SH : When we were thinking of a female vocalists, our first thought of Courtney Love. Then we figured she would be a pain. Dimitri suggested Alison and it worked out. "Meds" just screams her.

MS : Did you want to set the tone of the album with "Meds"?

SH : Not at all. Creating a track listing for an album is hard as we've learned. It just seemed obvious to us.

Steve Hewitt,, 25 mai 2007


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