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Smile, Brian Molko's Collaborations (Placebo lyrics, explanations and press quotes)

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(Brian Molko ft Jane Birkin)
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Lyrics Brian Molko
Don't stare at your face
With your nose out of place
At the wrinkles where zits used to be
And remember that smiling uses less muscles
And frowning just makes you look ugly

So smile, smile
And the whole world will smile with you
So smile, baby, smile
If the whole world just had a clue

Don't mess with your man
When he's selling you grams
He would kill you for less and then smile
And don't curse at a whore
As you open the door
coz your service wont be with a smile

So smile, smile
And the whole world smiles with you
And smile, baby, smile
If the whole world just had a clue

Don't sneer at your doctor
And Gamble & Procter
Coz they're just pawns in the game
The perfect prescription is one that you're given
it's filled out in jesus' name
Don't be scared of your preacher
Coz hes just a leech
Hes too busy cruising your ass
Theres a verse in the bible
That says we're all liable
For everything that comes to pass

So smile, smile
And the whole world smiles with you
So smile, baby, smile
If the whole world just had a clue
So smile, smile
Smile, smile
Smile, smile...
Press Quotes
(Translation, quote in French here)

Brian, you had sung with Jane Birkin. I assume that this encounter had marked you ...

BM : Working with her was more than an honour. She has a dignity, a presence and incredible generosity. She is very English, but as a lady, actually. For me, she is like a member of the royal family.

Have you talked about Serge, which you admire so much?
BM : No, because people always talk about him when they meet her. I didn't want to be dull ...

Brian Molko, Start Up n°110 Mars 2006

(Translation, quote in French here)

Les Inrocks : In ten years, you've multiplied prestigious collaborations. What does it provide you?

Brian Molko : Again, this is an incredible opportunity to be able to work with artists who inspired me - and continue to inspire me. Having the voice of Jane Birkin and mine on the same track (on Smile from the latest album by Jane Birkin), it's important… We will sing with The Cure at Wembley after tomorrow, we should do Without You I'm Nothing. When you sing on stage with Franck Black or Bowie, you want to tell the world "hey hey… Fuck you". There are certainly people on this Earth who think that I am a poor guy, but these collaborations make me think that I'm not doing too bad. And this little voice in my head tells me all the time:''You are a shit, you are a charlatan, you are mediocre…'' Well, in duets like this, it tends to be a little more discreet.

Brian Molko, Les Inrockuptibles, November 2004

(Translation, quote in French

It is unexpected to hear Brian Molko from Placebo on your album.
"Oh no! He knows Serge songs, he has already made a version of Melody Nelson, he played my part in a version of Je t'Aime Moi Non Plus. It's a very well-read boy, very clever. I thought only the French were so careful with the words, as with the English we just have to understand the title and we can dance. Brian Molko wrote a  very strong, sassy song, in which he often has the cunning as Cole Porter, to throw a word on the next verse. Even my mother was absolutely delighted with the keeness of the thing: it is not a reverent song."

Jane Birkin, RFI musique, 2004

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