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I Do
Lyrics and explanation

I Do

Lyrics : Placebo
I Do
I wanna be much more like you
Your effortlessly graceful scene
That drips from every pore of you
Where logic cannot intervene
I wanna take a bath with you
And wash the chaos from my skin
I wanna fall in love with you

So how do we begin ?

I wanna be a girl like you
The way you swing your hips in jeans
I wanna wear my face like you
Shiseido Mac and Maybelline
I wanna paint the town with you
And tickle you until you scream
I wanna fall in love with you

I wanna say I do (x5)

I wanna be much more like you
The way your smile
Lights up the room
I'll kick back as men flirt with you
To jealously I’ll stay immune
This confidence in me and you
This hope that you and I will bloom
I wanna fall in love with you

I wanna say I do (x5)

The question is do you ?
Press Quotes
(Translation, quote in French here)

For the first of the two new songs of ONCE MORE WITH FEELING, Placebo locked themselves in the studio with Phil Vinall and set two rules: 1) no guitars, 2) less than two minutes thirty. The result: I Do, a song influenced by NEU! and Laurie Anderson, and most of all a song that - bad news for fans of bad news - is the first Placebo happy love song. Yes, indeed!
"We threaten to do it for years and that finally happened!" Brian jokes. "The project is in developing since two or three years : the first Placebo happy love song. Either you love it or hate it. There will be mixed feelings about this song. I think it's going to be a shock, neither more nor less. I don't know if it will distance us from some of our fans, but anyway it is essential to take risks if you want to evolve. The song is about the encounter with a person, and how you fall madly in love and the feelings one feels in these times,  rather fleeting generally. It's about meeting someone and wanting to be that person because she seems so wonderful. We wrote a bit unsteady pop song which should logically not work but it does! It is so stupidly happy that you had the feeling that it's under Prozac. A bit like an anti-depressant lift music. It seems a bit junky."

Brian Molko, Delabel Communiqué from Brian Molko on "Once More With Feeling" 2004

“And ‘I Do’ is our first unashamed happy love song I s’pose. And it’s got no guitar on it, which we’re really happy about. It’s a song that sounds like it’s under Prozac, its like ‘Medication time boys!' It’s so deliriously happy that it can’t be natural.”

Brian Molko, Xfm Online, 2004

(Translation, quote in French here)

Les Inrocks : What about the two new songs (Twenty years and I do)?

Brian Molko : We put two new songs on the compilation to satisfy our fans' voracious appetite. We tried to impose ourselves rules like Brian Eno. The tracks should not last more than two minutes and thirty and there should be no guitars. Firstly, because we never did it. Also, because people believe that Placebo is a guitars' group and we do not like this label.

Brian Molko, Les Inrockuptibles, November 2004


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