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For What It's Worth (Placebo lyrics, explanations and press quotes)

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For What It's Worth
(Battle For The Sun)
Lyrics and explanation

Battle For The Sun

Lyrics Placebo
For What It's Worth
The end of the century
I said my goodbyes
For what it's worth
I always aimed to please
But I nearly died

For what it's worth
Come on lay with me
'Cause I'm on fire

For what it's worth
I'd tear the sun in three
To light up your eyes

For what it's worth

Broke up the family
Everybody cried
For what it's worth
I had a slow disease
That sucked me dry

For what it's worth
Come on walk with me
Into the rising tide

For what it's worth
Fill the cavity
Your God-shaped hole tonight

For what it's worth

Intermède Tetris

No one cares
When you're out on the street
Picking up the pieces
To make ends meet
No one cares
When you're down in the gutter
Got no friends, got no lover

No one cares
When you're out on the street
Picking up the pieces
To make ends meet
No one cares
When you're down in the gutter
Got no friends, got no lover

For what its worth
(Got no lover)

Got no friends, got no lover
Press Quotes
Tell us about the concept for the new video 'For What It's Worth' and what the labels in that are about?

Stefan: We worked with one of our favourite video directors, Howard Greenhalgh, who has been working with us for a long time. He has done loads of stuff for us including 'Nancy Boy', 'Bruise Pristine' and 'The Bitter End', so we had a long relationship with him that enabled us to feel more relaxed, especially now we are introducing a new member to the public. We wanted it to be quite performance based and the tags were basically about the fact that sometimes what you see, is not what is real. We wanted to play with that. People like to portray themselves as something that is completely the opposite of what is inside of them. With the lyrics, Brian describes them as being quite optimistic but if you listen to them on face value, "got no friends, got no lover", it's like "shit, you're in the gutter" but to him the song is like a celebration of life. It's that dichotomy of what you see and what you hear not always being what is actually there.

Steve: You can take a photo and it can be two people, they can be hanging out and happy but if you put a label on, it completely changes the whole meaning of it. It could be like "cunt". My favourite bit is the guy with the suitcase walking to work and it's like "detonation". It's brilliant.

"Stefan Olsdal", "Steve Forrest", interview, April 2009

'For What It's Worth' is a bit of a dancefloor anthem.

Brian Molko: It's about time Placebo did a track that got people shaking their booty on the dancefloor!

That's something you wanted this time around?

Brian Molko: You don't set out to do it, but when it starts to emerge that way, you're like, "Yeah, cool." It's always been part of what we do; possibly on Meds there wasn't much indie club dancefloor stuff. But this song has a disco beat, Memphis horns, soul diva backing vocals... it all contributes to, hopefully, a euphoric dancefloor experience.


You've always been outspoken. One writer recently described your new work was "less sexually charged".
What do you think of that?

Brian Molko: How does someone become less sexually charged? I don't know about that. (Laughs) Perhaps it's less on the surface. With Battle For The Sun, I started out wanting to make quite a libidinous record. A celebration of all sexuality, because it's such a part of life, the beauty of life. So it's there. It's there in songs like 'Kitty Litter', 'Speak In Tongues', 'For What It's Worth', "Come on lay with me / 'cause I'm on fire"? Do you need me to write that down for you, man?
Perhaps the sexuality is more subtle; it's not coming at you in terms of a transvestite on crystal meth.

"Brian Molko", J Mag Australia, May 2009

"We used a few soul divas on this song and we incorporated them into a lot of five part harmonies on the record," Molko explained of the track, which was recently premiered on Zane Lowe's show."

"One of them used to be in (acid jazz group) Galliano and the other did a lot of work with Jamiroquai. So they're really experienced and fantastic singers.

"Brian Molko", interview BBC Newsbeat, 27th April 2009

DJ: We're gonna hear the new single from Placebo, "For What It's Worth", tell us a little bit about the song before we hear it.
Brian Molko: Well its a song that I started writing on a tourbus, between New York and Boston, its a song borne out of boredom, and the need to do something creative, and its a song that, well I hope, is infused with a kind of lust for life. It's lustful and it's celebratory.

"Brian Molko", BBC Scotland, Music Bed interview (radio) June 2009


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