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Speak In Tongues, Battle For The Sun (Placebo lyrics, explanations and press quotes)

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Speak In Tongues
(Battle For The Sun)
Lyrics and explanation

Battle For The Sun

Lyrics Placebo
Speak In Tongues
Kitty came back home from on the island
But Kitty came on home without a name
She and me's a history of violence
But I long and burn to touch her just the same

So we both can speak in tongues
So we both can speak in tongues

Every single sense in me is heightened
There is nothing left inside to rearrange
Like a slave to history and science
I long, I burn to touch you just the same

So we both can speak in tongues
So we both can speak in tongues
Until the Universe is done
And the course of time is run
So we both can speak in tongues

Don't let them have their way
Don't let them have their way
You're beautiful and so blasé
So please don't let them have their way
Don't fall back into the decay
There is no law we must obey
So please don't let them have their way
And don't give in to yesterday

We can build a new tomorrow,
We can build a new tomorrow,
We can build a new tomorrow,



Press Quotes

Update :
Brian Molko presenting Speak In Tongue on stage in Singapour:


"When I was a little child, my mother used to take me to church, and we knew a lot of people who were a little bit crazy about Jesus, some of these people, you know, they would allow themselves to become possessed, overcome and possessed with the spirit, the holy spirit. At that point, these ladies and gentlemen began to speak a new language, it's called speak in tongues."

"Brian Molko", Fort Canning Park, Singapore, 18th March 2010


Thank to Agina.


Frontman Brian Molko told Rock Sound: “We’re very excited about the new album, and my favourite track is ‘Speaking In Tongues’, but don’t let that influence you!”

"Brian Molko", Rock Sound, 18th March 2009

You've always been outspoken. One writer recently described your new work was "less sexually charged".
What do you think of that?

Brian Molko: How does someone become less sexually charged? I don't know about that. (Laughs) Perhaps it's less on the surface. With Battle For The Sun, I started out wanting to make quite a libidinous record. A celebration of all sexuality, because it's such a part of life, the beauty of life. So it's there. It's there in songs like 'Kitty Litter', 'Speak In Tongues', 'For What It's Worth', "Come on lay with me / 'cause I'm on fire"? Do you need me to write that down for you, man?
Perhaps the sexuality is more subtle; it's not coming at you in terms of a transvestite on crystal meth.

"Brian Molko", J Mag Australia, May 2009

(Translation, quote in French

The line "We can build a new tomorrow today" in "Speak in tongues" refers to Obama, right?

Yes we can. Honestly, I didn't think of Obama although the album talks a lot about changes. We tend to live isolated from the world when we create. We don't listen to much music. We don't want to be influenced. We are always looking for a unique truth - which is ours. To be more connected to the inner world. The song takes control of you, you are it's servant.

"Brian Molko",, 03rd June 2009

What's your favourite song on the album?
Speak In Tongues. It starts off sounding like cocktail hour at the mental hospital, and half way through it becomes this really big stadium anthem. The hook of that song is the phrase that goes, 'we can build a better tomorrow today', and I think that kind of embodies the attitude behind this record.

"Brian Molko", OK! Magazine Australia, June 2009

Brian and I share the same favourite song, 'Speak In Tongues'. The melody is very epic. It starts off sounding like cocktail hour and ends epic. To me it conjures up the image of a flickering light and at the end you need a seat-belt to get through the explosion. In Bible terms, it's when someone is possessed by the Holy Ghost and speaks in different languages. But what Brian means in this song is french kissing.

"Steve Forrest",, Summer 2009


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