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Steve Hewitt,, 14th October 2010

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Steve Hewitt
Ric: Hello, how are you?
Steve: I’m fine thank you, but tired! Tonight is the last show of the tour and we went from show to show in the last weeks!

Ric: Did the tour go well?
Steve: yes, it’s great!

Ric: If tonight is the last, will there be any surprises during the show?
Steve: Ahhhh if I tell you, it will not be a surprise! You have to come and see tonight!

Ric: My first question is : why “Love Amongst Ruin," where does this band name come from?
Steve: Originally, it was the name of a song I had written and wich well-defined the state I was in after my departure from placebo. The idea was to say we can always rebuild something positive from the ruins, from negative things. It's like the phoenix reborn from its ashes.
When we did the album, my manager told me I had to choose a band name and I had no ideas, he suggested that name, and yes, I liked it, so we kept it!

Ric: In the media you are always presented as "the new band of Placebo’s former drummer does it bother you?
Steve: Not at all, it’s what it is, and it's part of my life, I assume it altogether.

Ric: Are you proud of this album?
Steve: Yes, absolutely! I find it good, for my taste! In any case, much better than Placebo’s last record! (Laughs)

Ric: How did you make this album?
Steve: It came quite naturally, I had some songs, I recorded them at home, I recorded almost everything alone, and with my sound engineer. We then found the other musicians who joined the band, it was done naturally over meetings, without any audition. I found myself surrounded by great musicians including a bassist who also plays double bass. She had the choice between joining tricky’s tour or mine, she chose to come with us, I was very flattered, because she is brilliant.

Ric : Is it special to have a girl in the band ?
Steve : I played with 2 girls in my band for more than ten years... (Laughs!)

Ric: You were a drummer, so rather behind, discreet, now you're at the front of the stage, because you are not just a singer, but a frontman.
How do you live this? Have you always wanted to do this?
Steve: it came naturally, I didn’t ask myself any question. I've always written my songs, I like to sing them.

Ric: Do you have a special focus on your drummer’s work since you are yourself a drummer?
Steve: No, I have the same look on the others, they're all very good musicians, they know what they have to do. I am sometimes difficult to get along with surely, but not a dictator.

Ric: Tonight is the last show of the tour, what were your best moments on the tour?
Steve: we really enjoyed the whole tour, there were lots of people, not just placebo’s fans, a lot of new people who are discovering our music, it’s very nice. The best memories were certainly in Hamburg and Zurich, the really big festivals.

Ric: Isn’t it too hard to find yourself in small clubs while you were used to large halls with Placebo?
Steve: No, I like that too. I've been there before Placebo with my previous bands, and then at the beginnings of placebo too, so, I know what it is and it doesn’t scare me, I love being close to the crowd too.

Ric: What are you planning to do now that the tour is ending?
Steve: In the coming weeks we will shoot the video for "Alone" which is the next single, then a lot of promotion will follow, then we’ll go on with the tour in England and Ireland. . Then I’ll go into the studio with another band in wich I play the drums, then I would like to move back quickly into the studio with the band this time to consider the next album.

Ric: Do you have ideas for the next album already or is it too early?
Steve: I have six full songs! And I can’t wait to record with the whole band to truly work together, not alone as on the previous album.

Ric: Now that you've had success, recorded albums and toured, do you still have dreams?
Steve: Dreams? Yes I get these strange ones last night. (Laughs)

Ric: Musicians’ dreams, goals, ambitions.
Steve: My absolute dream is to be Cure’s drummer! I'm a die hard fan, and I regularly have Robert Smith on the phone, every time I tell him "are you sure you don’t need a drummer?" Eheh

Ric: If he said yes, would you give up your own project?
Steve: Yes (laughs), I would give up everything to play with the Cure!

Ric: is there any featuring you would like? Would you like to have Robert Smith on your album?
Steve: why not, but I’ve already made a featuring with him at Wembley with Placebo. So no, what I want, it's not singing with him, it’s to be in the band!
Otherwise I also like Mickaël Stipe from REM, Bowie, Dave Grohl and others ... but for most of them I mix with them and know them already.

Ric: Do you like any contemporary bands?
Steve: I don’t listen to much of them because I want to avoid being influenced in my own music by what is done. I like some bands I discovered on the tour. I really like an Italian band, sparow 69. They are great.

Ric: Do you like and do you know French artists?
Steve: I know Air, we are friends. I appreciate the band who is opening for us tonight too, Lys, there is still work to be done, but they have good ideas, they invited me to see them in London.

Ric: Will there be any covers tonight?
Steve: you must come to the show if you want to know that

Rick: Last question: are you a fan of superstar (Adidas), I see you have a pair that we don’t know of?!
Steve: Not a fan, but I like them, I bought them near my home. Do you know why they were designed originally?
Ric: no?
Steve: The plastic tip was designed to allow the mentally ill to not get their shoes damaged while kicking the walls!

Ric: Steve thank you for this interview, have a good show tonight!
Steve: thank you, see you later at the show!

Steve Hewitt,, 14th October 2010

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